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Boot Stretcher - Info On Boot Stretchers And Your Options

If your shoes do not fit as they should then your whole body will feel it. No one enjoys uncomfortable shoes and despite your best efforts it happens when you do not wear them often or your body changes. Many people who gain or lose weight experience the changes to your shoes. Also, if you suffer from corns, bunions, or any other ailment that changes the way you wear your shoes. The best way to remedy this is to get a boot stretcher. This is better than re-purchasing all your favorite boots and other natural or leather shoes.

Before You Shop:

Any type of stretcher should be used on suede, most leathers, and natural products that have the ability to be stretched and shrunk outside of their current mold. This does not include vinyl due to its ability to rip or tear if stressed too often and too much. Also, keep in mind that any type of shoe stretching is for shoes that are only slightly to small. Do not expect to get a size or more difference in your shoes.

Pay attention to your what you are buying. Not all stretchers are sold as pairs, some come in singles. Others only come in left or right foot fits, while others can suit stretching either. Another option is to pay attention to the size it works with. Most shoe stretchers are not available below a size 5 for women and a size 6 for men.

If you are new to stretching shoes, make sure you get a set of instructions with your purchase. Many websites offer them for download, but if you purchase in store or local, they should have at least a brochure or information guide available. It never hurts to ask questions from the retailer or a shoe repair shop. Now, should you feel that you have the chance of ruining your favorite pair or expensive set of shoes, then allow a shoe repair shop to do the stretching for you. This is a very cheap option, about $20, but will be on their schedule and not happen immediately.

Here are a few options to consider when you begin price shopping for your boot stretcher. These options offer you the range of both men's and women's stretchers, as well as, the areas of the boot that can be stretched; width, length, vamp, and shaft:

  • Nu-Fit

    • Deluxe Professional Solid Wood and Metal Boot Stretcher

      • Found on the As Seen On TV website, this stretcher is made of a sturdy solid wood that is professionally contoured for a boot foot. It comes with an 11 inch long joined metal handle which is perfect for tall dress boots or even the short boots available. This comes as a pair so you can stretch both shoes at once. They are made for long time use and are sold for lifetime use. It includes 4 custom positions, corn and bunion relief pad that pop into place easily. These work by twisting the metal handle to slowly stretch the leather to the shape and size that is more comfortable for wear and use. This comes in two different models; one for women and one for men. The women's model is suitable for sizes 5 to 9, but the men's have more range in size. However, the men's model is no longer sold retail. To get the item you will have to be a smart shopper and dive into auction sites like eBay or Amazon. You should not pay more than $30 for either the men's or women's set.

  • Heartland America

    • Men's Boot Stretcher

      • This item is limited for use in only men's boots and shoes, but customer reviews on the website note that it can be used in women's boots. More specifically it can be used in women's cowboy style boots and those with a slight incline and made of a breathable or stretchable leather. Despite this one fault, it allows for at least 4 custom positions and has plugs for corn and bunion relief. It give you the pressure relief you require without buying new shoes. If you purchase here you will pay $20. The best part is that you will not pay shipping. Free shipping applies to all items purchased outside of the holiday season and is not rushed. If you need an express shipping option, add $4 to $6 extra. Many times this item is listed as a Red Hot Bonus Bargain, which is why you can purchase it for $20 rather than the comparable $60.

  • Shoe and Foot Care

    • FootFitter Premium Professional Shoe Stretcher 2-Way Deluxe

      • Many stretchers you find at really low prices will not last you as long as this model. It is not made of plastic like most, but instead it is made of a polished beech wood. All the parts and pieces are made from a stainless steel with nickel plating. It is not limited to stretching one direction, it covers both the width and length. This comes with a complimentary pack of plugs that are constructed for bunions and will fit in one of sixteen pre drilled pressure relief points already on the shoe model. Note that this item is sold individually and it comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty so with the purchase of multiple it should ease your mind. It comes in 4 different sizes for men and 3 sizes for women. This can be used for either the left or the right foot and, of course, comes with directions for those who need them. They are sold for $39.05 and for shipping you should spend no more than $6 for flat rate ground shipping. If you purchase more than $98 from this site you will get free ground shipping and discounted express options. With customer, it is rated 5 out of 5 stars, with nothing but good comments.

  • Sky Mall

    • Women's Boot Stretcher by FootSmart

      • Like many other stretches this will all you an all over pressure relief for you feet. It has a hinged shaft that has the same angle as the shaft at the top of the boot, so you can stretch the width of the boot without causing damage the shaft or the collar. If you have painful bunions, corns, and hammertoes this is a great relief. They come with removable pressure relief pod to spot stretch as needed. The difference between this model and others is that the narrow toe and special u-joint that allows the stretcher to fit and stretch tighter boots. Also, the hinged shaft flexes, so that it inserts into the foot compartment easily. It can be used for right or left foot. To use you will put the stretcher into the shoes and slowly turn the handle clockwise until it matches the boot width. Then you will slowly turn the handle two more turns and leave for about 12 hours. You can repeat this if additional space is needed. Available to fit women's sizes 6.5 to 8 and 8.5 to 12. They sell for $39.99 directly from the website or the on flight magazine. The best part of ordering from SkyMall is that you have the option to return your purchase anytime within 60 days for either an exchange or a refund. Make sure that if you do return it, pay attention to the return material included with your package for the right location it shipped from. Plus, should you find the identical new product for less anywhere within 30 days of your original purchase, they will honor it and send you a refund for the difference.

    • Two-Way Shoe Stretcher by FootSmart

      • This durable and reliable two-way shoe stretcher not only adjust for length, but width as well. It covers the room for bunion and corns with special relief pods like those found in the Women's Boot Stretcher by FootSmart. This model is not recommended for cowboy boots or any other boot that have high shafts. It is made for shorter modeled boots. You can use it with either the left or the right foot. Unlike most of the others that are made of wood, this stretcher will is made of polyurethane and premium steel. With size in mind, you will need to order accordingly; size 5.5 to 12 for women and 6 to 13 for men. Again this has the SkyMall 60 day return or exchange policy and the price match options.

  • Healing Touch (Shoe Care Headquarters)

    • Mallory Instep (Vamp) Boot Stretcher

      • This is one of the high end options made of high quality heavy duty cast aluminum made for stretching the instep of Western, work, or riding boots. This is one of the few models that offer this method of stretching. It works for most models listed without a zipper closure involved. This sells individually for $169 and is available for free shipping.

    • Mallory Combo Boot Stretcher

      • This is another high end options made of high quality heavy duty cast aluminum made for stretching the instep and the shaft of Western, work, or riding boots. This is one of the few models that offer this method of stretching. It works for most models listed without a zipper closure involved. You can do both instep and the shaft at the same time or separately. This sells individually for $199 and is available for free shipping.

Now keep in mind before you begin stretching your boots you should consult the included directions as well as the review posted by other customers. Many of the how to websites are a bonus for showing you how to properly stretch your shoes without error. Do not forget to purchase a stretching fluid to help you in your process of using your new boot stretcher.